Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Martin's Travelling 3

Over the border I crossed, without any problems as I mentioned earlier. I was, for the second time in two months, without any money, and having no means of getting any. I was glad that the Chinese officials didn't ask me any questions about my financial situation, as this may well have caused some problems.

As I walked into China a mini bus driver approached me and offered me a lift to Pinxiang, the nearest town, about twenty minute's drive away. He offered to take me for thirty yuan, about 2.5 pounds. Having no money on me, I felt in no position to bargain. I tried to tell him that I needed to find an ATM first, but, judging from his reaction when we arrived, he clearly hadn't understood me. As we walked to his mini bus I was surrounded by taxi drivers and mini bus drivers, all after my business. In hindsight I shouldn't have agreed on a deal so early, as all that competition would have knocked at least 10 yuan off the price. Someone even offered to take me for three yuan! I guessed he was joking, but maybe it would have been worth checking.